Thursday, 23 April 2015

A letter from Jess.

I don't want to get into the habit of posting other bloggers posts, but I discovered this post recently from a 28 year old woman blogger and her insight struck me.
I have printed this (with her permission) unedited. Although it is rather long I would encourage you to read it to the end.
She writes to her friend JC.

Dear JC,
I just finished watching the movie God's Not Dead and I am glad I did. Sometimes we wonder why things happen to us and most of the time we question and blame God. Truth is I have been guilty of this countless of times. I've often found myself saying WHY! Why am I in so much pain? Why are there so many people dying of hunger in so many places? Why God, why?! Yet I never really stopped to ask myself, why. You see God has always been with us, even when we made the first decision to eat the fruit. After that he was with us when we decided that we didn't want God to be our king. No we wanted someone we could see, and even when he didn't have to he gave us one.
Over and over again in the bible there are stories about we humans making our own decisions, and what did God do? He let us make them.

 Now I don't know about you but I clearly remember my mom warning me before I decided to do something I wasn't supposed to. Naturally as an ignorant child I would disobey, and BAM I would get hurt. Soon after my mom would comfort me and say, "Didn't I tell you not to do that? This is exactly the same with God. He gave each of us freewill in this world. He made us responsible for our own actions. So all of those times when I exhausted myself asking God why, I should've asked myself why? Why haven't I made a difference? Why am I not helping people out there that are homeless? Why didn't I hug that woman that felt so alone the other day. Why didn't I visit my father in the home and read him the bible. Why didn't I tell my brother that Jesus loves him even if he doesn't believe in him anymore. You see it's easy to blame God for what is negatively going on in our lives, but we fail to realize that if the whole world decided to love and help one another, there would be less death due to violence and starvation. There would be more cures to these " incurable" diseases.

I look around me and all I see is hate and selfishness. Now imagine what God sees. We have become faithless and it's not because of God. No, it's because we are selfish. Did Jesus come dressed in pure gold with a crown on his head proclaiming to be the rightful king of the world? No, he came humble and poor born in a stable where they kept the animals. Did he grow up demanding riches and honor? No, instead he walked around wearing sandals healing the sick and the lost. He never judged anyone which he had all the right to. On the contrary he was kind, gentle, and most of all compassionate. Jesus showed us what he sees in us, because after all we were created in his fathers image and Jesus and God are both one. So that means we are also one with both God and Jesus.

It's funny, I've questioned God about so many things, but I failed to remember who enticed Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. I didn't stop to think about what Jesus said to the people about that Devil. He told them that he was a LIAR from the beginning. He told them that there is NO truth in him. Yet we believed him didn't we? Do you think the devil is not alive and well today? Of course he is, and guess what, he has not changed. He continues to lie to us each and every day in every way possible and the sad part is that most of the time we continue to believe him.
I believed that I wasn't good enough for a very long time, but one night Jesus showed me that I was and still am good enough. I don't have to believe the lies. I am worthy and I am needed here. I have a purpose because God says I do and he has never been a liar and never will be!
I want to ask you to take a little bit of time out of your busy schedule and watch God's Not Dead and to open a bible after seeing the movie. God will speak to you, and I know something will change somewhere deep within your soul my friend. Thanks again for keeping up with me, and may God bless you always.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eclipses and life.

On March 20th an eclipse of the Sun shadowed it's way across the UK.
The shadow spread itself from South to North within two hours of starting at 8.15 in the morning, and the sky grew eerily dull with a strange hue although, in the South of England, the cloud base prevented us for seeing the spectacle.

As I walked my dog in the morning twilight and the light was slowly fading, my thoughts wandered as to how the eclipse can be a metaphor for our ambitions in life. A sort of dimming in one's expectations in life.

When we were young we had dreams and aspirations and the world seemed to be at our feet. We could achieve anything with our life-line stretching out ahead of us into the distance.

As time moved on and we woke up to reality we slowly became aware that our dreams were not going to be realised. Life and responsibilities crowded in allowing our dreams to be pushed back to the recesses of our minds.
Maybe we are quite happy with this situation but, somehow, this has left us feeling that we have missed out and we haven't achieved what we could have achieved with the right breaks.

I had dreams of being big in business, an entrepreneur, and to this end I tried more than one venture to achieve my aims, all of which were unsuccessful.
Eventually I accepted that I would not make a businessman, and also gradually realised that earthly wealth is not important, but I take comfort in the fact that at least I tried too succeed - and I quite enjoyed it too.

I wonder how many do not achieve because of lethargy, idleness, procrastination or fear of failure?

It's interesting to note that many successful entrepreneurs will give you a story of struggle and hardship before succeeding, but they all persevered in the face of adversity.

Have you been holding on to a dream, hoping that one day your boat will come in?
I have news for you - it probably won't!

I am approaching my seventh decade and I am quite content in my position in life but some of you will still be able to achieve your dream with a bit of courage to enable you take the plunge - and the knocks that arise.

Don't let your ambitions be eclipsed and cast a shadow over the rest of your life. Take courage, take a risk if you need to. Persevere and achieve your dreams.