Friday, 13 February 2015

Celebrity v royalty

It seems to me that there are more 'celebrities' created every day, most of which who have done nothing to earn the title. Featuring on the front page of the daily newspapers sporting the latest fashion or handbag. I can only assume that there is a readership that loves to read about it.

Nowadays an ambitious young person seeking fame and fortune can appear on a TV talent programme and become an instant celebrity.
I have no problem with that, except that fame is not necessarily the answer to leading a fulfilled life.
These people are praised and placed on a plinth, looked up to and made to feel invincible - and that their opinion is intelligent and knowledgeable.

So, it's rather a surprise to me when the media continually report opinions from celebrities on anything from politics to world events, whilst ridiculing and labelling Prince Charles as a 'Meddling Monarch' because he dares to give his opinion on world events.

Surely, because of his upbringing, his world travels carrying out the role of ambassador, and training to be the future king, he is more knowledgeable than most to give an intelligent argument on world events. 

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