Sunday, 18 January 2015

Toleration and acceptance...

Hi all,
Time to be a bit more serious I think.

All of us were appalled at the recent events in Paris and Belgium where terrorists mowed people down in the name of their religion.

The terrorists are fanatics, the dictionary definition of which is someone who is 'a holder of extreme or irrational enthusiasms or beliefs, especially in religion or politics'. It's important to remember that they are not representative of Islam, have a distorted interpretation of the Koran and do not represent the majority of peace loving Moslems.

I am a Christian but I can stand with Moslems and any peaceful person of belief, to allow them to practice their faith unhindered.

In the 1990s I carried out a contract in Karachi, Pakistan. The two Pakistanis I was working with were of different faiths. John was Christian and Eunice was Moslem. We worked together well, discussed religion on several occasions and at the end of the contract we were good friends. There was no animosity and a great respect for each others point of view.
In my working life in the broadcast installations industry I met all kinds of people who were of varying levels of faith, but the best discussions I have had were with an atheist. On vary rare occasions did I receive any kind of ridicule for my faith, although I am prepared to receive this for what I believe.

All of us are human, regardless of colour and creed and equal in the sight of God, whether Queen or Pauper, and to turn against another human for any reason is to turn against ourselves.

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