Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tell me of your 'experience'....

Hi again,

In my walk through life there are a few things that irritate me. I am an easy going chap, I think, and I don't get irritated that easily. But I have noticed in recent years that everything has become an 'experience'. Have you noticed it?

Going to the shop they ask you to complete a survey about your 'shopping experience', I went to the dentist the other day and they asked for feedback on my 'dental experience'. 
I was at the dentists, for goodness sake, where some woman I hardly know wants to pull my head with a pair of pliers! How is that an experience? 

Traipsing round a shop pushing a filled trolley trying to avoid elderly people, small children and women who seem to be on another planet IS NOT AN EXPERIENCE! It's hell!

Which makes me wonder what the levels of euphoria are. Would boredom or excruciating be at the bottom do you think?

And another thing where has this term 'in store' come from?
Everything is 'in store' now. 'See our latest offer in store', the adverts say. Is this another influence from over the pond eating away at our established way of life?

When I was at school (which admittedly was a while ago) Miss Burge always put a 'the' in between these two with threat of the ruler if we failed. When was this dropped?
Suppose we drop the word 'the' completely. Then maybe later 'and' can go, we don't need it.....

And don't get me going on tradition! 
Maybe that's for another time. Watch this space.

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  1. Just the other day I got one of those experience surveys from one of the grocery shops where I shop semi-regularly... I thought it would be a short one but not only was I supposed to rate the total experience but (as it turned out) for each and every department/shelf in that shop, and compare the overall experience to the other place where I do most of my shopping. One of them is about twenty times bigger than the other, and I go to one because it's small and to the other because it's big and they're in different directions from where I live... so how on earth does one compare... Sigh! ;) ... Keep blogging, it may feel a bit lonely at first but if you follow others and comment on theirs, I'm sure the numbers will grow. :)

  2. Great Dawn, thanks for the comment. Experience was once just a word, but now its far more than that!! Pleased to welcome you as a member, thanks for the advice.